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About Drummond Scientific

Our journey leading equipment manufacturing in the life sciences industry

At Drummond, we manufacture precision life science diagnostic devices for the collection, transfer, and delivery of liquid biological samples.  Our innovative automated solutions and venture manufacturing services help our customers address their needs for scalable, high-volume capillary consumables and point-of-care diagnostic devices.


Drummond Scientific Company, located outside of Philadelphia, is a vertically integrated company that leverages more than 70 years of experience to maintain its position as an elite developer of custom, precision, microvolume liquid transfer devices. Through the years, Drummond developed the gold standard of precision liquid handling devices for
the lab, the handheld Pipet-Aid®, the bench-top Pipet-Aid®, the Nanoject Controller and The Positive Displacement Microdispenser. These products are used in laboratories across the globe and are recognized for durability and reliability.


The start of Drummond Scientific...

The company, which would later be known as Drummond Scientific, began its journey into life sciences providing essential equipment from a corner store in Philadelphia.

Innovating the Industry with the Pipet-Aid

On September 10th, Drummond was awarded the patent for the Pipet-Aid®; an alternative to mouth pipetting.  As the first pump action pipette controller, its innovative design and precision forever changed pipetting in the laboratory. 


Improving Precision with the Nanoject

To offer a more precise solution for liquid measurements in microinjection, Drummond Scientific introduced the Nanoject controller for precision injection. 

Introducing Hemato-Clad® capillary tubes

On December 22, Drummond combined the precision of glass with the safety provided by a Mylar overwrap.  The Hemato-Clad offers a safer option without compromising accuracy.

Drummond's catalog grows, while quality remains priority

Drummond's product catalog expands, including the Nanoject II & III, Pipet-Aid XP2 and Wiretrol II, offering new variety for precision while remaining focused on quality.

Direct to Consumer is launched, providing an opportunity to purchase authentic Drummond products online for the first time directly from our facilities.

Together at last...

Drummond Scientific acquired long time customer and partner, SAFE-TEC® Clinical Products LLC.  With this acquisition Drummond and SAFE-TEC® continue to provide world-renowned products in the Plasmapheresis and Point of Care industries.

Celebrating 75 years of innovation

From our small beginnings to the innovations of tomorrow, Drummond remains committed to providing the essential manufacturing solutions and life science equipment needed to create and save lives worldwide.

Product Development

From pioneering the charge for a more efficient way to measure liquids to working with early-stage companies to offer design and manufacturing, we develop and manufacture products known for quality and performance.


Drummond Scientific is synonymous with quality and therefore, we are proud to be a respected player in the industry.


Our products focus on precision - an integral part of success in life science laboratory research.

Contract Manufacturing Services

We apply our unique manufacturing capability and technical expertise to specialized products and requirements to work through collaborations and investments for those without the resources. Our services help solve unique challenges with custom supply capillary glass and plastic tubing, injection molded, plastic components, and electronic controls.


Our OEM services offer innovative solutions through expert-level evaluation and design.


We design and manufacture the final product and ensure it meets Drummond-level quality standards.

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The New Nanoject III Is Now Available!

Nanoject II vs. Nanoject III Comparison

Both units utilize the same glass capillaries for pulling micropipettes. Due to the new improved method of securing the micropipette, smaller tips can be pulled and utilized on the Nanoject III. No O-rings to wear out. A micro “chuck” is used, and it simplifies attachment of the micropipette once backfilled with oil. The Nanoject III’s auto HOMING feature will eliminate the need to “rehome the unit as in the Nanoject II. This can reduce, if not totally eliminate, jamming of the plunger. Now available for the Nanoject II is the new Digital Control Box which has all the functionality of the original control box but now features a user friendly, easy to read touchscreen.

Nanoject II
Nanoject III

Drummond Pipet-Aid® Controller Comparison Chart

Use this comparison chart to understand the difference between Drummond Pipet-Aid® Controller models and their useful features. This information will help you choose the best pipette controller to deliver the most accurate results for your intended applications.