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Volume Tolerance: -0%, +10%
Microliter Volumes: 5 µl to 80 µl
Packaging: Bags of 2,000 units | Custom Packs/Labels/Inserts
Minimum Order Quantity: 10,000 units (Bulk) | 12,500 units (Custom)
Catalog Information
CAT. NO. Description MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) Packaging Configuration Volume
1005 MICROSAFE®, 5 µl 10,000 2,000 tubes each 5.0 µl to 5.5 µl
1010 MICROSAFE®, 10 µl 10,000 2,000 tubes each 10.0 µl to 11.0 µl
1015 MICROSAFE®, 15 µl 10,000 2,000 tubes each 15.0 µl to 16.5 µl
1017 MICROSAFE®, 17 µl 50,000 2,000 tubes each 17.0 µl to 18.7 µl
1020 MICROSAFE®, 20 µl 10,000 2,000 tubes each 20.0 µl to 22.0 µl
1025 MICROSAFE®, 25 µl 10,000 2,000 tubes each 25.0 µl to 27.5 µl
1030 MICROSAFE®, 30 µl 10,000 2,000 tubes each 30.0 µl to 33.0 µl
1035 MICROSAFE®, 35 µl 50,000 2,000 tubes each 35.0 µl to 38.5 µl
1040 MICROSAFE®, 40 µl 10,000 2,000 tubes each 40.0 µl to 44.0 µl
1050 MICROSAFE®, 50 µl 10,000 2,000 tubes each 50.0 µl to 55.0 µl
1060 MICROSAFE®, 60 µl 10,000 2,000 tubes each 60.0 µl to 66.0 µl
1075 MICROSAFE®, 75 µl 10,000 2,000 tubes each 75.0 µl to 82.5 µl
1080 MICROSAFE®, 80 µl 50,000 2,000 tubes each 80.0 µl to 88.0 µl
Custom MICROSAFE®, TBD µl 50,000 2,000 tubes each TBD µl to TBD µl
Custom Packaging
CAT. NO. MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) Packaging Configuration Insert Label Standard Bag Sizes
MICROSAFE CAT. NO. - [# of tubes per bag] - Packaging Configuration 12,500 10 to 500 per bag B/W, Multi-Color, Single Fold, Multi-Fold, Multi-Language* Logos (provided by Customer), Symbols, Descriptions, Bar Codes 3
*Multi-language inserts require an MOQ of 5,000 inserts and either the translation provided or an extra charge for translation services

Simple. Accurate. MICROSAFE®.

MICROSAFE® is the ultimate solution for anyone seeking a reliable, accurate, and hassle-free way of collecting and dispensing fingerstick blood samples. Our one-piece plastic capillary tube is designed to deliver consistent and precise results every time, with automatic filling to a pre-set volume and easy dispensing through a simple squeeze of the bulb.

  • Simple Design
  • Used with both Quantitative and Qualitative rapid tests worldwide to help detect a variety of diseases and complications
  • Proven accuracy
  • Made in the USA
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Improve your Point of Care tests with MICROSAFE®

All of our products are proudly made in the USA.

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The New Nanoject III Is Now Available!

Nanoject II vs. Nanoject III Comparison

Both units utilize the same glass capillaries for pulling micropipettes. Due to the new improved method of securing the micropipette, smaller tips can be pulled and utilized on the Nanoject III. No O-rings to wear out. A micro “chuck” is used, and it simplifies attachment of the micropipette once backfilled with oil. The Nanoject III’s auto HOMING feature will eliminate the need to “rehome the unit as in the Nanoject II. This can reduce, if not totally eliminate, jamming of the plunger. Now available for the Nanoject II is the new Digital Control Box which has all the functionality of the original control box but now features a user friendly, easy to read touchscreen.

Nanoject II
Nanoject III

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