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Christopher Strohsahl Named New Drummond Scientific President

Broomall, PA- Drummond Scientific is proud to announce that Christopher Strohsahl, Ph.D., has been named the new President of Drummond Scientific Company.

A graduate of Union College with a B.S. in Biochemistry, Chris obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Rochester in 2005. Upon graduation, Dr. Strohsahl and a group of his colleagues founded Lighthouse Biosciences; a start-up focused on commercializing the oligonucleotide-based diagnostic arrays he had developed as a graduate student.

At Lighthouse, Chris expanded his expertise into biotechnology, nanotechnology, organic chemistry, and molecular biology. In 2017, with his vast knowledge and network, Chris joined Drummond Scientific as a consultant for new product development and was named Executive Vice President and head of Business Development in 2019. In this role, Chris served as the liaison to academic institutions and private companies, using several engagement mechanisms to match emerging diagnostic technologies with the engineering and manufacturing expertise needed to enter their intended marketplace competitively.

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The New Nanoject III Is Now Available!

Nanoject II vs. Nanoject III Comparison

Both units utilize the same glass capillaries for pulling micropipettes. Due to the new improved method of securing the micropipette, smaller tips can be pulled and utilized on the Nanoject III. No O-rings to wear out. A micro “chuck” is used, and it simplifies attachment of the micropipette once backfilled with oil. The Nanoject III’s auto HOMING feature will eliminate the need to “rehome the unit as in the Nanoject II. This can reduce, if not totally eliminate, jamming of the plunger. Now available for the Nanoject II is the new Digital Control Box which has all the functionality of the original control box but now features a user friendly, easy to read touchscreen.

Nanoject II
Nanoject III

Drummond Pipet-Aid® Controller Comparison Chart

Use this comparison chart to understand the difference between Drummond Pipet-Aid® Controller models and their useful features. This information will help you choose the best pipette controller to deliver the most accurate results for your intended applications.